About Us

Azetek Engineering Pte Ltd was incorporated in Year 2006 providing specialized electrical services to asset owners on their electrical equipments that include switchgears, transformers, power cables, motors and generators, which are essential components of their transmission and distribution network. Our range of services include design, installation, testing & commissioning and maintenance of these equipments.

In a decade’s time, the company has grown from a 2-man operation to presently having a few teams of dedicated and experienced engineers who are capable of taking up a few sizeable projects simultaneously. This is the result of our perseverance and uncompromising attitude to always deliver our services of the highest quality.

Our engineers are highly competent with in depth technical knowledge and extensive work experience to carry out their duties daily and take on and solve any challenges they might face. They are equipped with high performance advanced test equipments which are needed to yield precise and definitive test results.
In Azetek, we value our assets as well – our people and equipments. We consistently shape and develop our staff to become better and also invest heavily in advanced test equipments. These are the key factors in doing an excellent job for our clients. We will continue to embrace our core values and strive to improve, excel and bring the company to greater heights.


Our Vision

Always be our clients’ first choice for testing and maintaining their electrical equipments

Our Mission

To attain optimum condition for our clients’ electrical assets – maximum efficiency and life span, minimum losses, zero down time

Our Core Values

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Meticulous
  • Uncompromising in delivering good quality of work
  • Always seek to improve ourselves
  • Service oriented
  • Value our staff