Maintenance of power equipments

Just like other machinery or equipments such as motor vehicles for example, all power equipments need to be checked and maintained regularly so that can operate and function normally and serve us throughout their intended life span. Inadequate or compromised maintenance will lead to shortened service life and most undesirably sudden fault or break down. Ironically they often break down at crucial times when we need to use electricity. Even for the fastest recovery time, huge losses in revenue would have been incurred and in most instances they exceed the cost that has been saved for doing away with the maintenance.

Maintenance & Servicing include the followings

  • Preventive Maintenance – this consists of visual inspection and routine or periodic servicing
  • Corrective Maintenance – this is the remedial action taken after a fault is discovered from the preventive maintenance or condition monitoring work carried out
  • Condition Monitoring – this involves inspection and tests that are carried out when the equipments are in operation to determine and assess the condition of the equipments

Ad-hoc and maintenance program contracting

Besides performing the above maintenance works on ad-hoc basis, we also have maintenance contracts with our clients as their in house maintenance team. This has distinctive advantages over ad-hoc basis because we will have detailed information of the profiles of the equipments and with possession of their past records, we can plan and implement the appropriate maintenance work for each piece of equipment.

Below are some of the maintenance activities we perform

  • Di-electric condition assessment(SF6 dew point test, impurity test, DGA)
  • Circuit Breaker Profiling
  • Capacitance or Dissipation Factor Test(Tangent Delta)
  • Infra-red Scanning
  • Partial Discharge Monitoring and Diagnostic test
  • Moisture Content in Insulation Medium