Testing & Commissioning

All new equipment need to be fully tested and pass the required tests before they can be put to operation. We carry out the tests according to local code of practice, international standards and manufacturer standards.

Testing & commissioning of new power equipments (Low Voltage to Extra High Voltage) that include the followings :

  • Switchgears
  • Transformer
  • Motors
  • Generator
  • Power Cables
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The Process


Factory Acceptance Tests

Upon delivery of equipments by the manufacturer from overseas, we conduct our pre-tests at the factory before arranging for the client to witness the tests officially. Then, the equipments will be transported to the site or final destination for installation.


Site Acceptance Tests

After installation of the equipment has been completed, we will conduct the site commissioning tests before the equipment can be energized and put to operation. The client may also witness the testing works.


Commissioning Tests

Some of the commissioning tests we carry out include contact resistance test, protection relay Injection test, current transformer and voltage transformer tests, power transformer, high voltage tests and function tests and systems integration tests.